Golden West Media is your source for sound. Since the early 1970's, we've been supplying
equipment and technical services to broadcasters in around the world. We also apply that
expertise to custom sound system consultation, installation, maintenance, and training for
churches, schools, and other public facilities.

Acoustic Consultation and Design
Using state of the art test equipment and acoustical analysis software, Golden West Media
can analyze, troubleshoot, and solve acoustical problems, and design a system specifically
tailored to your facility.

P.A. System Consulting and Design
Sound systems consulting can be secured in one of a number of business arrangements including:

  • Complete system design, purchase, installation.
  • System evaluation and recommendations.
  • Component selection.
  • System upgrades maximizing existing equipment.

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P.A. Operator Training

  • Proper microphone selection and placement.
  • Phase cancellation and how to avoid it.
  • How to use EQ to get the sound you desire.
  • How to control and eliminate feedback.
  • How to create a pleasant overall sound (or full rich tone).

Service Contracts

Complete studio and transmitter turn-key installations.
AM/FM Transmitter site maintenance.
Broadcast Facilities studio maintenance.

Golden West Media is a division of the parent company Golden West Broadcasting with central offices
located in Altona, MB, Canada.


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